Top 10 Spring car wash tips

What you need to wash a car

  • A garden hose or pressure washer
  • Suitable car wash soap from your local retailer
  • Car wash sponge
  • Non smear cloths
  • Polish

1. Wash all the car all over

Use a hose or a pressure washer to blast the car and get all the dirt from the exterior.

2. Cover the car in soap and ensure nothing is missed

Apply all the soap but make sure you start at the top and move downwards, checking no spaces are missed.

3. Rinse as you go

Avoid all those soap marks by rinsing properly as you proceed.

4. Wipe down to dry

Leaving a car to dry naturally can result in a streaky finish or watermarks so make sure to dry sections properly using a quality microfibre cloth or towel.

5. Clean between the doors

When you have dried the car then ensure all hidden spaces are dried too. Some key areas to check are doors, bonnet hood, boot.

6. Clean the wheels

Use a separate damp cloth, brush or sponge to wash the wheels down too.

7. Wax and polish

When the car is finally clean, apply wax to the outside and polish off. This will make it look even better. It will also have the bonus of giving your car that extra protection meaning less effort to clean in the future.

8.  Apply Tyre Shine

This gives the tyres that deep black finish

9. Add in an Air Freshener

Pick your favourite scent from the Magic Tree collection.

10. If you are feeling really fancy, then why not treat yourself to an Air-Con service.

Get your Air-Con serviced and working perfectly for those sunny days and weekend ahead.



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