Shannon & Cheriece Hylton - The world comes to a standstill - Part 2

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid 19 a pandemic and World Leaders became ill, entire countries were locked down to prevent the spread of infection and international travel ceased. 

As lockdown was being implemented nearly every person on the planet had no idea what this lockdown would mean and how long it would last. Businesses were shut down, meeting people was limited, grocery shops limited the number of customers allowed at one time and sports were brought to a screeching halt. 

For Shannon, she tried to find the positive of being in lockdown “I used this as a time to work on things but would not have had time to if the lockdown had not happened. We had a lot of time at home, so I did a lot more core work as the tracks and gyms were closed. We used this time to get as much work in as possible. We always knew there would be a competition season eventually. We took this time to make ourselves as strong as possible”.

For Cheriece the lockdown was an unreal situation “When the news hit, my initial thought was ‘is this actually happening’? I think it is something that the whole world had to adapt to as we are not used to everything shutting down on a national and a global level. So, when the lockdown happened, I was like ‘yep this is actually happening’. After a month I got over it and I just had to accept that this is the situation that we are in and everyone is literally in the same boat and this is the best course of action. We used this as a way to work on our weaknesses, focus on other areas and be adaptable and I think we did really well with that”.

The lockdowns meant that the Hyltons were not able to race. 

Cheriece felt that the Olympics being suspended was a good thing by saying that, “as time went on people were not getting competition opportunities so naturally if you cannot compete, you cannot have an Olympic Games. So, I think it was a very responsible decision. This is important as there was no vaccine and safety of the athletes is very important. A lot of athletes were away from the coaches if they trained abroad so you cannot expect people to be at their best if they have been away from their coaches”.

In the next article we will look to see how the Hyltons made the best of the lockdown and how they made sure they kept themselves race ready.