Shannon & Cheriece Hylton - A New Dawn - Part 1

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Shannon and Cherice Hylton about their 2020 and how it impacted their career. During this interview we focused on their recovery from injury and how COVID changed their personal and professional lives. 

We talked about their pre-race routine. They mentioned that “Nutrition is very important for us. But before big meets we try to refrain from red meats which slows down muscle fibres. We get a good night’s sleep and listen to music on race days and focus on staying very relaxed”. 

At the back end of 2019 both were recovering from injuries which unfortunately brought a premature end to their season. 

Shannon mentioned that “We were pretty positive heading into 2020, we had some good rehabilitation and training, so we were getting back on track really. We were just training and taking each day as it came”. 

Cheriece followed up with “We were happy just to get back to what we loved to do.”

Shannon and Cheriece were looking forward to getting back on the track and train ahead of the Olympics. But unfortunately, something was on the horizon which no one was prepared for. 

Cheriece said “We had a good period of solid rehab and were back training but then the lockdown happened and that obviously had a huge impact on our training and the consistency we had been building up. We had to learn to adapt quickly - we are lucky that we have space at home and access to fields and live in a green area so we adapted where we could”.