Shannon & Cheriece Hylton - Making the best of the situation - Part 3

With the lockdown in place and no end in sight, the Hyltons had to find new ways in which to train while minimising their risk of getting Covid-19. 

When it came to training Shannon mentioned that “In terms of training with our Strength and Conditioning Coaches, we bought a lot of equipment, so we could carry on training over Zoom or Facetime. In terms of trackwork we used video streams. We did hill runs which is not the same as being on the track, but it was the best we could do”. 

Cheriece also commented “In terms of staying safe we live in the same house and bubble. We would do runs in turns and wear a mask which Under Armour provided for us. It was mainly making sure we were socially distanced when we went out. On one occasion, I went into the woods and wore plastic gloves just to be extra cautious. We just made sure we took extra precautions”. 

One of the things that affected many people was their ability to meet their family members. In the next article we will see how the Hyltons handled being away from their family.