Shannon & Cheriece Hylton - Family matters - Part 4

During the pandemic and Lockdown many had to make difficult decisions about visiting family based on Covid-19 restrictions.

For the first lockdown Cheriece mentioned that they called their Granny and told her, you are not leaving your house. “She does not live too far away from us and I remember I went grocery shopping, and I bought her shopping and left it on the doorstep. I then called her and told her the food is downstairs and we were just waving from a distance”. 

To keep spirits up Cheriece mentioned that “We did family Zoom quizzes, and we are a big family and we do usually see each other on different occasions over the year”.

For the second lockdown Shannon said that as “The weather started to deteriorate, and our moods fell, there was a level of uncertainty. For me personally I just fell into a bit of a lull. I just did not want to get up and do a home session outside in the cold. You just have to plug along as everyone is in the same situation. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, it is just knowing where the light is. There were days when I was like… this is very hard. I listened to podcasts to help pick myself up and get through some days. I also kept in touch with family as well.”

Cheriece chimed in and said “The later lockdowns I found a lot harder compared to the first one and I have found the one that we are in right now the hardest (Feb – April 2021). Mainly because training is the hardest and the weather is not the best.”

Cheriece also mentioned that their birthdays were in December and Boris announced the new lockdown a day before their birthday. “Normally we do something for our birthday, but this year obviously we didn’t. It was the right thing though, because the number of cases and deaths were on the rise. I learnt from the second lockdown, so it was much easier to cope with the last lockdown.”

While the lockdowns were tough the Hyltons found a way to get through it, maintain their training and keep touch with their family. In the next article we will be looking at what the aims are for the Hyltons in 2021 and beyond.